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Hello there! Just read your essay on the night you spent with the Manson gang. I must say the description you gave about all the females there having hairy armpits, bushes and legs was what REALLY jumped out at me the most. Had that been me that Squeaky brought back I would've seriously had to have considered staying there just for the fact that I could've potentially had a different unshaven woman every night.I think I would've returned to civilization just long enough to purchase a year's supply or so of magnum size lucky to get a good bit more down there than most guys.. to ward off any STD issues but other than that I would've been good to go. Yes, obviously I am into hair on females. Have been since I was 12-13 years old when I first started taking an interest in the opposite sex and always will be. Different I know coming from a born and raised USA guy but that's just the way my brain has always worked. How hairy was Sadie as compared to Pat? I ask only because I've read from other sources that Pat had more hair under one of her arms than most guys have in both of theirs. You were lucky in my view with ending up with Sadie for that night because out of all the Manson girls, Sadie was the one you could look at and just tell she was good in the sack, plus I've read that she had a body built for sex. Anyway on the whole really enjoyed your very well written experience about this and can only hope I stumble on to a commune or something like this someday where sex is so freely for the taking and giving. All the best!

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