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Patricia Rios

Now Bob, Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

I was glad to hear that Linda got a good report. Health issues can
really be trying.

I love your analysis of Wal-Mart shopping, I especially love the guys in the back who look at you and your basket as if you were on
the top 10 wanted list!!!! I have complained about it enough to the
lady at the back door that she finally just looks at me and smiles and says HAVE A GOOD DAY!! I told her it offended me that they thought I would be shoplifting, after all I outgrew that when I graduated from High School and I certainly don't look like a Teen-age shop-lifter any more.

I didn't realize that you were in the Marines. My husband Ron was a Marine as well. I hope that the next time you and Linda get to town, Ron and I can get together with you two for lunch. I would love for you to meet Ron.

Thanks for your ranting, I appreciate knowing that I am not "ranting" alone.


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